Crazyfish Sushi Bar & Grill

We are now under new Management and are open 7 days a week all day! Crazy Fish serves contemporary Japanese cuisine and sushi in a fresh and casual atmosphere that surprises with elegant and unique tastes drawing on Asian and South American influences. Our full menu offer appetizers, salads, entrees, and desserts. We offer an excellent selection of premium cold sakes, Japanese and domestic beers, and red and white wines from California, Italy, Chile, and Argentina. The intimate Nob Hill restaurant seats 47 with a full sushi bar as its center piece. The decor is simple and chic and the mood is warm and relaxed. We take TO GO orders, offer gift certificates, and accept all major credit cards.


Fountain Soda
Diet Coke
Dr. Pepper
Raspberry Ice Tea. ( sweet)
Iced Tea ( Unsweet)
Ice Green Tea
Hot Tea Jasmine
Ginger Tea

Spicy Salmon Tempura Special

Key West Roll

Garlic Sashimi

Dynamite Roll

Eskimo Roll

Yellowtail Jalapeño Roll

Albacore Roll

Godzilla Roll

Spider Roll

Crunchy Roll

Rock Star Roll

Chirashi Bowl

Spicy Rainbow Roll

Crazy masago Roll

Golden Dragon Roll

Alaska Roll

Salmon Sashimi

Lobster Dance Roll

Octopus Sashimi

Salmon Sashimi

Avocado Roll

Salmon Skin Hand Roll

Salmon Nigiri

Heart Attack

Vegetable Roll

Calamari Tempura

Baked Green Mussels


Fried Oyster

Vegetable Tempura

Octopus Nigiri

Sea Eel Nigiri

Inari (Skin Tofu)

Egg Rolls

Scallops Nigiri

Unagi on Rice

Shrimp Nigiri

Surf Claims Nigiri

Tamago Nigiri

White Fish Nigiri

Tuna Nigiri

Tuna Roll

Squid Nigiri

Avocado Roll

Super crunchy Roll

Love boat

Large Boat


Spicy Rainbow Roll


Teriyaki Chicken bowl

Sea urchin (Uni) Nigiri

Salmon Eggs Nigiri

Dragon Roll


  • The Weekly Alibi

    The room, like the fish, is fresh and almost elegant in its simplicity…Next time you get that crazy yen for sushi, or creative Japanese cuisine for that matter, head for Crazy Fish. – Scott Sharot,

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  • Yelp.com

    I haven’t had sushi this good since Little Tokyo. My Japanese brothers and sisters back in Los Angeles would rave about the Hamachi served to my guest and I the other night. – Kengi A.,

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